Game of the Day: Sparkle


Shoot colored orbs and try to match 3 in a row in today's Game of the Day, Sparkle. Use the mouse to point the orb shooter and the left key to release the orbs. The goal is to match three orbs of the same color in the chain of orbs. The more orbs you match, the more points you get! You can even use the space bar to switch the color of the orb in your shooter.

For even more points, shoot your orbs at power-ups that randomly appear along the chain's path! But wait, this game isn't that easy. If you fail to match all of the orbs in time, the chain will reach the hole in the middle of the path. When that happens, it's game over. Test your magical shooting skills in Sparkle today!

Play Sparkle.

How many orbs can you match before it's too late?