Follow the Rabbit offers plenty of challenge and charm on iOS

Earlier this week, we gave you a brief preview of Armor Games' Follow the Rabbit on iPhone and iPad, a puzzle game in the same vein as Cut the Rope that sees you collecting coins in dozens of puzzle levels, instead of stars. The story is cute and charming, which are two adjectives that really describe the entire experience. One day, a blocky white rabbit runs by our hero's home (our hero being a red block of cuteness), dropping coins from his bag along the way. Being the considerate... thing that he is, our hero chases after the rabbit to return the coins. And so our story begins, as we'll need to travel through five different themed worlds, completing over 100 levels all the while collecting the coins that the rabbit has dropped in front of us.

Levels in Follow the Rabbit have an overall goal of reaching a wooden door to move on, but while you can technically immediately head towards the door, you're encouraged to collect the three coins in each scene first. You can only move in one direction at a time, sliding either left or right or jumping into the air to reach higher platforms. The farther you slide your finger on the screen, the farther in that particular direction you'll travel, so you'll need to be mindful of your swiping to not send our hero off of a ledge. You'll simply be required to walk over a coin to collect it, but of course this becomes increasingly difficult as you progress, as a slew of obstacles stand in your way.


Many of these obstacles are stationary, and simply come in the design of a level as you'll need to collect coins in a very specific order before you move out of their reach. Others come in the form of stones that can be moved to create new platforms or block moving enemies, while you'll also need to use balloons to float higher than you can jump on your own, jump on clouds that are shot out by cannons and so on. As levels become more complex and therefore difficult to complete, you'll likely find yourself spending more time examining a level's layout then you will actually moving around on the screen. If you're a pro at such puzzle games, you'll fit right in here, but unfortunately, there's very little here to draw in non-fans and change their minds. Moves must be deliberate rather than random or you won't collect every coin in every stage, and some players simply don't like such mind-bending setups.

Ultimately, Follow the Rabbit is a cute puzzle game for your iPhone or iPad that's easy to learn but difficult to master. With the addition of clones to some levels that move at the same time and the plentiful obstacles in later levels, it can be legitimately difficult to collect all three coins in each without a few retries and mistakes. Whether or not that's a good thing will depend on your own patience level, but as with other games in the genre, there is a definite level of satisfaction that comes from completing a particularly difficult stage. If you're up for the challenge, you can now download Follow the Rabbit for $0.99 on iTunes.

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Do you like these kinds of level-based puzzle games? Will you add Follow the Rabbit to your iOS game collection? Sound off in the comments!

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