CityVille Water Crops: Everything you need to know

If you have every Greenhouse available in your CityVille town and still need more Goods for your businesses, you can now utilize any water space you happen to have by planting water crops off the coast of your main city! As great as this might seem, there's a pretty hefty catch: you'll need to first place and build a Fish Hatchery to unlock these water crops (since the crops themselves are fish).

The Fish Hatchery is available to users level 20 and above, and you'll get one for free via an in-game goal. You'll need to place it on water, and then spend five energy in building its base. Once the base is complete, you'll need to collect 30 different building materials to actually finish it off:

  • 6 Bait

  • 6 Anchors

  • 6 Fishing Hooks

  • 6 Planks

  • 6 Fishing Nets

You can earn these items via a combination of general news items placed on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. After all of that hard work is done, you still won't have access to the full set of water crops, as you'll need to continue upgrading the Hatchery to unlock more and more crops.

Upgrading the Hatchery requires you to plant the water crops you do have available, ask your friends for Fishing Nets and even harvest your Fish Hatchery itself (since the Fish Hatchery technically acts as a community building in your main city). For instance, you'll need to plant Mussels and harvest them until you've reached the first star of mastery to fulfill a requirement for the first Fish Hatchery upgrade. Other crops include Lobster, King Crab and Cod, as examples. There are at least seven water crops available in all, but again, you'll need to upgrade the Hatchery to access them all.


  • Costs: 40 coins per plot

  • Makes: 40 Goods per plot

  • Harvest Time: 1 Hour

King Crab

  • Costs: 150 coins per plot

  • Makes: 240 Goods per plot

  • Harvest Time: 1 Day


  • Costs: 70 coins per plot

  • Makes: 105 Goods per plot

  • Harvest Time: 8 Hours

It's possible that additional water crops will be released in the game's store in the future, as we can definitely see this turning into a massive feature within the game. It should also be noted that you can own more than one Fish Hatchery, as any after the first are available for 30,000 coins in the store. These simply act as more community buildings, offering at least 1,000 citizens to your maximum population boost for each one built.

We'll make sure to keep an eye on this water crop feature, and will let you know if water greenhouses, water storage buildings or any other water-themed features are released in the future. Stay tuned!

What do you think of these Water Crops, the Fish Hatchery and the potential both of these bring to the game? Sound off in the comments!