Bubble Safari Cheats & Tips: Use Special Bubbles to get ahead

While there are already a number of power-ups to utilize within Bubble Safari to increase your scores or just lower a level's difficulty, these usually require some kind of purchase, and manual activation on your part. Luckily, you can also earn a series of "Special Bubbles" that will appear as you play the game, each of which coming with a different mini-power for your use. Here's a look at each one!

Coconut - These are heavy "bubbles" that break up bubble groups they hit, knocking both bubbles and obstacles off of the screen

Fire - These bubbles explode, clearing a small area surrounding their impact location

Lightning - These blue bubbles zap a line straight up from your cannon that clears all bubbles and obstacles in its path

Paint - These paint drop bubbles will color all surrounding bubbles in the same color as the one it hits, creating potential for a large bubble drop after the fact

- Rainbow bubbles will automatically match the color of the bubble they hit, and are useful when you can't make a match with the other bubble in your cannon

Steel - Steel bubbles work just like Coconut bubbles, but as steel is heavier than a coconut, the impact is larger, knocking more bubbles off in a single shot

Sticky Bomb - These bombs will stick to any bubble they touch, and will detonate three shots later, hopefully clearing out a large section of the board to help you make progress

So far, these seven Special Bubbles are all that are available in the game, but there's always the potential that more will be released in the future. If that ends up being the case, we'll update this space to let you know how to use them!

[Via: Zynga]

What do you think of these different kinds of Special Bubbles in Bubble Safari? Which one is your favorite to use? Sound off in the comments!

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