Wantology: How To Discover What You Truly Desire

Wantology is the newest, hippest self-improvement therapy in town. Well, it's not so much a therapy, as it is "a critical thinking method," as its inventor Kevin Kreitman puts it (read more about Kreitman and what wantology is all about here). It promises to scrub away your assumptions, and unlock what you truly want, as well as the best way to get it.

Frustrated job seekers and frustrated job holders alike flock to Kreitman, thinking that they need a raise or a career change. After their sessions, however, they sometimes realize that what they really want is to spend more time with their kids, or to start a vegetable patch.

Such a precious service comes at a cost, however. A session with Kreitman can run as high as $200 an hour, and it can take as many as eight hours to go through the process. That may raise a few eyebrows, but after my two wantology sessions with Kreitman, I can say it's definitely not all New Agey bullcrap for privileged folks with time and cash to burn.

So for interested readers, who don't have $200 an hour to spend on touring the inner depths of their psyche, I've got the "CliffsNotes" version. Grab a piece of paper, and go through the following steps for a speedy, self-guided wantology session.