The Ville: Let your avatar surf the web with a free laptop


If you're one of the many early adopters of the Ville on Facebook, Zynga wants to reward you for jumping into its new game so early. If you visit the game's fan page on Facebook, you can now claim a free Elite Super Pro Laptop for your game! While this would be a nice item even if it were just a decoration, it's actually a functional electronic item that can earn you plenty of coins, so long as you have the Happiness points to convert, that is.

Once you get the Laptop into your game, you can use it to complete one of six jobs, ranging from 65 Happiness Points to 215 Happiness Points in cost. Here's a completely lineup of the items's jobs, their time limits and how much you'll earn on the other end.

Fire Sale

  • Requires: 65 Happiness

  • Time Limit: 5 Minutes

  • Profits: 225 Coins

Environment Research

  • Requires: 100 Happiness

  • Time Limit: 1 Hour

  • Profits: 335 Coins

Market Analyst

  • Requires: 135 Happiness

  • Time Limit: 4 Hours

  • Profits: 475 Coins

Music Production

  • Requires: 250 Happiness

  • Time Limit: 8 Hours

  • Profits: 920 Coins

Game Development

  • Requires: 190 Happiness

  • Time Limit: 12 Hours

  • Profits: 730 Coins

Film Editor

  • Requires: 215 Happiness

  • Time Limit: 24 Hours

  • Profits: 875 Coins

As you can see, this item is definitely worth picking up, especially for the low, low price of free. If you're not a fan of the Ville on Facebook, but still want an Elite Super Pro Laptop of your own, you can claim yours (for a limited time) by clicking right here.

What do you think of this new freebie in the Ville? Have you already claimed yours, or will you stick with the electronics you already own for now? What other sorts of free items would you like to see given away on the game's fan page? Sound off in the comments!