Diner Dash maker runs with Sony to make Hotel Transylvania Dash

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania

Don't worry, the movie-themed-mobile-game train ain't stoppin' any time soon. VentureBeat reports that Diner Dash and Hotel Dash creator PlayFirst is working on Hotel Transylvania Dash, a mobile game based on the upcoming animated flick of (almost) the same name in cahoots with Sony Pictures. For all intents and purposes, this sounds like a branded version of Hotel Dash.

"For the Hotel Transylvania mobile game, we wanted a licensee who could uniquely deliver the high-quality game experience and fun on par with our movie," Sony Pictures Entertainment VP Mark Caplan told VentureBeat. "PlayFirst delivers a proven, immersive game mechanic and a worldwide recognized brand with both the ability to develop a great game and market it globally to an existing and growing fan base."

VentureBeat points out the fact that Sony joined hands with PlayFirst based on the mechanics of its Hotel Dash game, which is an interesting trend in the space that seemingly started with games like Angry Birds Rio and Temple Run: Brave. No need to rush out a hobbled-together original game that plays like junk, right? Hotel Transylvania Dash lands on iOS Sept. 20.

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