Unhappy At Work? A Wantologist Will Help, For $200 An Hour

wantalogist work
wantalogist work

You're stuck. Dead-end job and strained relations with the spouse. Your pants are struggling to zip, and you just found a bong in your daughter's closet. You consider seeing a therapist, or a life coach, or maybe a psychic. But when it comes to figuring out what you want, and how to get it, there's a newer, hipper self-improvement guru in town.

The Wantologist.

Wantology is "a critical thinking method," says Kevin Kreitman, an industrial engineer who is credited with inventing it and the profession. (Yes, her name really is Kevin; we'll get to that in a minute.) "So you can't be trapped in your own assumptions, beliefs and perspectives. It's a skill."

For a living, Kreitman, 60, helps other people figure out what they want -- for a fee of $200 an hour. People walk into her office thinking that they want to get a promotion, she says, and leave realizing that they actually want to quit. They may think they want to get married, but actually want to travel the world for six months alone. They walk in desperate to buy a Mini Cooper, and leave wanting a Toyota Camry.