The Ville: Dress your avatar for the beach with Caribbean Cool clothing

The Caribbean Cool theme in the Ville continues to grow this week with yet another set of items being released for purchase. However, instead of items for our virtual homes, these newest items are clothing items for our in-game avatars. You can access these items by heading into the avatar editor, which is accessed by clicking on the bright red t-shirt in the bottom right corner of the game's screen.

You'll need to browse the various sections of the avatar customization screen manually to see everything that's available, but these new items range from hairstyles to accessories, with all sorts of items in between. Luckily, you can pick out each item on the page relatively easily via the "ltd" marker on each. Here's a look at the new items:

Beachy Curls Hair - 2 Ville Cash
South Beach Ponytail - 3 Ville Cash
Bermuda Flip Hair - 7 Ville Cash
Mermaid Cascade Hair - 7 Ville Cash
Surfer Girl Hair - 8 Ville Cash
Martinique Jacket(s) - 950 coins each
Palm Bay Tank(s) - 875 coins each
Pompano Romper Top - 950 coins
Cancun Stripe Halter - 1,100 coins
Casual Capris - 500 coins each
Shorts - 750 coins each

Bahama Mama Fishtail Skirt - 1,000 coins
Cabo Party Dress (Black) - 1,200 coins
Cozumel Colorblock Dress - 1,350 coins
Cabo Party Dress (Coral) - 1,500 coins
Sundress (Yellow) - 1,800 coins
Sundress (Watermelon) - 2,000 coins
Dubstep Heel - 450 coins
Sandals - 800 coins each
Orchid Headband - 2 Ville Cash
White Sand Sun Hat - 5 Ville Cash
Coral Beach Sun Hat - 6 Ville Cash

Belted Bikini Bottoms - 600 coins
Aruba Bikini Bottom - 650 coins
Belted Bikini Top - 700 coins
Aruba Bikini Top - 750 coins
Cool Coral Sunglasses - 900 coins

Some of these items will be available for the next 6 days, while others will be available longer, or for 13 days, to be exact. After that time, these items will vanish and it's unlikely we'll see them return. If you're interested in any of these items (remember, male items would obviously be different), then make sure to browse through you in-game wardrobe before it's too late!

What do you think of these Caribbean Cool avatar items in the Ville? Sound off in the comments!

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