Monopoly Millionaires goes bankrupt, has its last roll of the dice on August 17

While Playfish might have had the best of intentions with its release of Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook, it's safe to say that this streamlined social version of the classic board game wasn't exactly what fans wanted from a virtual Monopoly experience. The game lasted for over a year with questionable success, but the folks at Electronic Arts have announced that Monopoly Millionaires will go offline on August 17.

If you're still a fan of Monopoly Millionaires, you'll unfortunately lose any Monopoly Gold you still have in your balance, without any ability to transfer the premium currency to another game. Players are being offered a parting gift, however, in the form of 10,000 coins and access to the Monopoly Party themed area within PopCap's Lucky Gem Casino, another Facebook game.

Monopoly Millionaires currently sits at 380,000 monthly users, according to Facebook's own data, but apparently those players weren't forking over enough literal green to keep the game active. EA's official statement has been posted on the Playfish forums, and it comes in the form of a "reallocation of resources" excuse, but whether or not that's really the case is up for debate. All we know is that Monopoly Millionaires fans have a month to say their goodbyes before the game is shut down for good.

Are you still a fan of Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook? Are you sad to see the game taken offline? Sound off in the comments!