Getting the Best Deal on Kitchen Essentials

Savings Experiment: Big Box Kitchen Challenge Every kitchen needs dinnerware, cookware and appliances, but stocking up on all of these items can cost you a bundle. Here's how, and where, you can get all of the basics for the best bargain.

When it comes to dinnerware, the best way to save is to buy boxed sets. Flatware and glasses come in pre-packaged boxes, too. If you're shopping for cookware, avoid cheap nonstick pans -- they need to be replaced twice as often as their stainless steel versions.

A few places that come to mind when shopping for wallet-friendly kitchen items are Target, Walmart and Kmart. We compared all three to find out which retailer offers the most savings.

Our experts were impressed by Target's cost-effective appliances, but the chain fell short in the dinnerware and cookware departments. Walmart offered the cheapest dinnerware of the three, but its higher prices on cookware and appliances canceled out those savings.

DinnerwareThat leaves Kmart, which we found to offer a wide variety of quality kitchen essentials for a low price. In the end, the chain will save you about 10 percent over Target.

So, the next time you're in the market for new kitchen goods, keep these tips in mind for a deal that's good enough to eat.
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