FarmVille Swimming Pond: Everything you need to know


While we've been given Aquariums to store water animals in FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise and Jade Falls, our farms without rivers or oceans are still lacking our underwater pals. That changes now with the launch of the Swimming Pond in the game's store, which serves as a storage building for water animals that can be placed on land. You'll be able to purchase a Swimming Pond base for five coins in the store, and can then work on building it in your English Countryside, Winter Wonderland, Lighthouse Cove or Home Farms, or really anywhere that you'd like some extra water animal storage space, but don't have the water to hold them.

A single Swimming Pond requires 45 building materials to complete: 15 each of Skimmers, Leaf Nets and Water Buckets. These items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, by claiming free items posted on your friends' walls, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash. As with other animal storage buildings, you'll have just 20 storage slots at the beginning, but can upgrade the Swimming Pond by collecting additional materials, until it eventually stores 60 animals in a single Pond.

On top of this, you can now place your Water-based Mystery Babies on dry land so that they can be born on farms without water. This will allow you to fill your Swimming Ponds with water animals, even if there's no water to "grow" the babies in normally.

With this launch allowing for storage of water animals on any farm, it brings about the thought of water crops. Will we eventually be able to plant water-based crops on all farms as well? Would farmers even like such an ability? We'll stay on top of things and will let you know if things change. Stay tuned!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the FarmVille Swimming Pond? Have you always wanted water animals on your dry land farms, or will you keep all of your water animals in open, free water? Sound off in the comments!