Zynga, EA, Kixeye games say 'no more' to Facebook permissions

Facebook game permissions
Facebook game permissions

Tired of handing over all of your Facebook information just to play a stinking game? Well, those days are over ... sort of. Instead of consciously allowing Facebook games to access that information, select Zynga, EA and Kixeye games will now go ahead and do that for you hassle-free. You know, if that's what you consider to be free of hassle.

Inside Facebook reports, citing "a source familiar with the matter," that the three developers have signed contracts with Facebook that allows certain games in their catalogs to access new players' basic information and friends lists without asking permission. In its place, a blue bar above said games--like Zynga Slingo, Indiana Jones Adventure World, Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates and more, according to Inside Facebook--now notifies players that this information is accessed during play.

Of course, the bar allows players to opt out at any time and keep that information from the game's developer. Unsurprisingly, the test has resulted in increased install rates and fewer players opting out, Facebook told Inside Facebook. The idea behind the test is without a doubt for game makers to bring in more players that otherwise would be turned off by a permissions dialog. Will it work in the long run, and more importantly, will this be a privacy concern for players? Stay tuned.

[Image Credit: Inside Facebook]

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