Facebook breaks down why SongPop by FreshPlanet is killing it

SongPop Facebook iPhone Android
SongPop Facebook iPhone Android

Aside from the fact that it's a brilliant game, of course. Facebook recently threw SongPop, the mega popular Facebook-connected music trivia game for iOS, Android and Facebook, under the magnifying glass to find out what's made it grow to 2.2 million daily players (and counting). The company's very own Julien Codorniou breaks it down to three important factors--for you, at least.

For one, SongPop is just downright fun, or as Facebook puts it, it has "friendly competition." The core of what SongPop is just entertaining, which compels players to go back-and-forth with taking turns. Secondly is that, at least on Facebook, the requests and news that players share through the game is actually interesting enough for friends to click on. Finally, SongPop offers a unified game experience between Facebook, iOS and Android through Facebook Connect.

Or, you know, it could just be that SongPop is one of those games that embodies both the beautiful simplicity and inexplicable addictiveness of the most successful casual games on Facebook and mobile. But we're sure FreshPlanet planned this whole thing out rather well, too.

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