Marvel Avengers Alliance pits The Avengers against The X-Men this fall

Marvel Avengers Alliance Phoenix Five
Marvel Avengers Alliance Phoenix Five

Finally we can settle the ultimate nerd debates, like who would win in a fight: Colossus or The Hulk? During the recent Comic-Con event in San Diego, Calif., Playdom and Disney revealed that mega popular Facebook role-playing game Marvel: Avengers Alliance will see The Avengers go toe-to-toe with The X-Men this fall in a new story arc and special operations missions.

Set to launch this fall, the new storyline will see the debut of Magik as a playable character. Yeah, we didn't know who she was until now either, but whatever--she has a flaming sword. 'Nuff said. The new story arc--based on a current Marvel mini series--will also see new costumes for three of the characters already in the game: Cyclops, Emma Frost and Colossus. The three staples will be part of a special, super-powered team known as the Phoenix Five.

Along with this new chunk of content, Playdom also announced that Marvel: Avengers Alliance is available for play on Better yet, the current 1.4 million daily Facebook players can easily sign up over at and pick up where they left off. Fine ... we know all you care about is seeing whether Iron Man can best a souped-up Cyclops.

Are you psyched for this new content in Marvel: Avengers Alliance? What do you think of what Playdom is doing for this game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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