Follow the Rabbit onto iPhone and iPad, coming July 19 [Video]


Following in the footsteps of games like Where's My Water? and Cut the Rope, Armor Games is hoping that you're ready for another level-based puzzler, as the developer is set to release Follow the Rabbit on both iPhone and iPad later this month.

Set for release on July 19 (that's this Thursday, for those keeping score), Follow the Rabbit will see you using swipe controls to move a block-shaped rabbit throughout 125 levels comprised of five different themes. You'll swipe left and right to move horizontally and will swipe up on your device's screen to jump, avoiding obstacles and enemies or utilizing power-ups along the way.

Our friendly rabbit will be able to float on clouds, drop stones on enemies and float to the heavens via the help of a balloon, all the while working to collect orange orbs of light. With multiple solutions to each puzzle, Armor Games ensures us that the game can be played by users of all ages.

While we still have a few days left before we can jump into this "brain-bending adventure," we do have a gameplay trailer to tide us over. We'll have complete thoughts on the final product later this week, but for now, take a look at the video below to see what you'll get if you're willing to pay the $0.99 price of admission.

Are you excited to learn more about Follow the Rabbit on iOS? Will you be one of the first to download the game when it launches later this week? Sound off in the comments!