FarmVille Southern Comfort Items: Candy Pecan Tree, American Alligator and more

While the FarmVille marketplace continues to be updated with lots of new and different limited edition items, we haven't really seen a theme fleshed out over weeks or months. Rather, it seems that themes are coming and going much quicker these days, which might be the case with yet another new limited edition item theme that launched in the game's store this weekend: Southern Comfort. Whether this theme lasts for a day or a month, we're here with a look at the items that are now available to purchase.


Candy Pecan Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Pecan Pie Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Southern Butterfly Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Lightning Bug Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Southern Belle Cow - 15 Farm Cash
Magnolia Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Bowfin Fish (Water Only) - 6 Farm Cash
Cotton Sheep - 12 Farm Cash
American Alligator - 2.5 million coins or 10 Farm Cash


Southern Mansion - 15 Farm Cash


Street Lamp - 10,000 coins
Southern Bridge - 10 Farm Cash
Cotton Ball Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Downy Woodpecker - 14 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Southern Bell Costume - 7 Farm Cash

These items will be available for the next two weeks, giving you plenty of time to purchase the ones you're interested in and also giving Zynga plenty of time to release more items in the theme. If that ends up happening, we'll make sure to let you know!

What do you think of these new Southern Comfort items? What sorts of items do you think would work well in future releases for this theme? Sound off in the comments!