The Sims Social Sims & the City: Everything you need to know

The new cross-promotion between EA / Playfish's The Sims Social and SimCity Social continues with the launch of a new limited edition quest to complete in the Sims Social. This quest is called "Sims & the City" and it asks you to complete three incredibly simple tasks to receive a mailbox for your Sim's pad.

Sims & the City

  • Play SimCity Social (on a computer)

  • Phone a Friend (from a telephone)

  • Visit 3 Sims and Ask About Their Cities

To be clear, this "Visiting Friends" task requires you to either visit three Sims (or ask three Sims over to your own house) and then interact with them. You'll need to click on tasks like "Be Nice About Their City," or other themed tasks that are clearly related to SimCity Social. When you've finished three of these, simply use an in-game telephone and computer to finish the other two tasks and you'll have finished this quest with plenty of time to spare.

As of this writing, there's a little more than a week left to complete this Sim & the City goal, but if you can finish it in time, you'll receive some XP and Simoleons, 20 LifetimePoints and the aforementioned mailbox, which will go into your storage. This "Mayor's Mailbox" is worth 2,000 Simoleons and adds a value of $1,750 to your home. All in all, it's a simple goal to complete and the prize is at least decent, so why not take a few seconds to complete this cross-promotional activity in your own game?

What do you think of this SimCity Social goal in the Sims Social? Which of the two Facebook "Sims" games do you like more? Let us know in the comments!