Jigsaw World: Create your own jigsaw puzzles on Facebook

As the jigsaw puzzle genre continues to grow on Facebook, we've seen options offering in-depth storylines, level-based play, and now with Inertia Game Studios' Jigsaw World, the ability to create puzzles using your own pictures.

Jigsaw World doesn't contain a storyline really even resemble your average simulation / adventure game experience. Rather, the game is suited to one thing: completing jigsaw puzzles on a timer to see how fast you can arrange pieces in their proper locations. You'll earn time bonuses and XP for completing each puzzle, can rate each puzzle on its picture quality or overall entertainment level, and can then move right on into the next puzzle.

There are dozens of stock puzzles to choose from, all using real world photography as their base, and you can sort these by player ratings or simply by how many pieces they contain. For the record, the stock puzzles contain anywhere from 96 to 204 puzzle pieces each, so you can spend a substantial amount of time completing them all before ever running out.

When the inevitable does come to pass, the game isn't really over, as you can pay real money for more stock puzzles or simply start importing your own Facebook or computer images for free. Unfortunately, this import feature is a bit hidden, in that you'll need to first start a puzzle as though you were going to complete it and then click on the importing tool in the menu at the top of the screen.


If you choose to import from Facebook, a menu will allow you to browse through all of your Facebook albums and import pictures, and you can even customize each by giving them a title, choosing where to organize them within your in-game puzzle albums, and even change how many puzzle pieces you'd like the puzzle to contain. While enjoying these on your own is entertaining enough, you can even send the puzzles to friends so that they can try to beat your fastest time in completing them.

While Jigsaw World may not have an in-depth quest system to keep you pushing forward, it does have a lot of nice technical touches for those that simply wish to complete puzzles. You'll have a few toggles that allow you to constantly view a preview of the final image, or store pieces you aren't ready to use so that they aren't cluttering the screen. You can even press a button to have all of the puzzle pieces line up in rows so that they aren't jumbled on top of one another.

Ultimately, Jigsaw World might be too much of a niche title, or at the very least too casual for the "diehard" Facebook game fan, but if you're a legitimate fan of jigsaw puzzles in the real world, this is one of the best ways to play them on Facebook, and you should definitely give it a try.

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Have you tried Jigsaw World or any other jigsaw puzzle games on Facebook? Which title is your favorite in the genre? Sound off in the comments!

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