FarmVille Water Park Items: Inner Tube Tree, Popsicle Gnome and more

For the second time in as many weeks, FarmVille's marketplace has been updated on a Friday night, which is unusual to say the least. With the game normally receiving updates every Wednesday and Sunday nights, it begs the question: Could this be a new tradition in FarmVille, giving us three weekly updates to look forward to? Whatever the case may be, there are new Water Park items available to purchase in the game's store, so here's a complete look at the newly released items!


Inner Tube Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Boogie Board Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Shave Ice Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Shave Ice Tree - 12 Farm Cash


Beach Ball Pig - 12 Farm Cash
Snorkel Duck - 10 Farm Cash
Inner Tube Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Lawn Chair - 20,000 coins
Wet Bar (Water Only) - 10 Farm Cash
Popsicle Gnome - 12 Farm Cash

Even though these items were released on an "odd" day, they still come with the standard two week time limit in the store. However, since you might not have been expecting them to be released, they could easily slip under the radar and expire if you're not careful. Make sure to jump into the store sooner, rather than later to purchase any items you're interested in before they leave the store!

What do you think of these newest Water Park items? Would you be excited if FarmVille moved to a three-updates-per-week schedule, rather than just two? Sound off in the comments!