FarmVille: Disappointed by Jade Falls' Forbidden Coast? Zynga's here to help


If you're like us, you might have been disappointed by the offerings in Zynga's newest FarmVille expansion, the Forbidden Coast within Jade Falls. For a purchase price of $5, we thought we'd get more than access to purchasing some new items in the store and upgrading an old ship / dock, and it looks like we weren't alone.

Still, the FarmVille team is looking to make right by those dedicated fans that splurged on the upgrade, as it's offered a series of free building materials to those players that made the jump. If you purchase Forbidden Coast early access, you'll receive a pop-up the next time you enter the game altering you to your prizes. These come in the form of Jade Falls building materials, and are pretty worthwhile, even if they are limited in quantity. Here's the full word from Zynga:

"Howdy farmer! As thanks for buying early access to Jade Falls Forbidden Coast, we've put some parts in your Gift Box for the Imperial Shipyard, Mountain Palace, and Bamboo Fortunes!"

Ultimately, it looks like we've received ten each of Mountain Palace items, plus enough tools to complete at least one Bamboo Fortune. Furthermore, we're given just enough parts to finish the first stage of the Imperial Shipyard (if you haven't done so already). Could Zynga offer more? That's arguable, but anything is better than nothing at this point. Whether or not new users that purchase the Forbidden Coast also receive these items is still unknown, but we'll make sure to update this space if we find out one way or the other.

Did you receive your free building materials for purchasing the Forbidden Coast in FarmVille? Do you think this makes up for the lackluster offerings of the entire expansion? Sound off in the comments!