CityVille What Kind of City Are You Goals: Everything you need to know


Last week, we brought you a look at the new quiz feature in CityVille, which allows you to ask your friends for votes that correspond to survey questions about your city and personality. Now, we know that this is actually part of a much bigger feature called "What Kind of City Are You?" There are six goals to complete in this series, so we're here with a guide to help you finish them!

By the Book

  • Ask friends for 10 Bookmarks

  • Collect from the Daily News or Web Marketing Agency

  • Collect 10 Stylus Pens

The Stylus Pens are earned by collecting from businesses, while the Daily News or Web Marketing Agency buildings are the first pair of prizes available in the aforementioned quiz feature. You'll need four votes from friends on one item or the other to earn it for your city. You'll receive 25,000 coins and 50 XP for finishing this goal.

If the Glove Fits

  • Ask friends for 10 Racing Gloves

  • Place Classic Car or Electric Car

  • Upgrade Grand Prix

As you might have guessed, the Cars are the prizes available from round two of the friends quiz. You'll earn 100 XP and 2,000 Premium Goods for finishing this goal.

Counting Sheep

  • Ask friends for 10 Sheep

  • Place Historic Statue or Abstract Art of the Future

  • Build 2 Gardens

Rewards: 50 XP, 10 energy

Fair Game

  • Ask friends for 15 Checkerboards

  • Place Drawing Kids or Dancing Kids

  • Upgrade High School

By this point, we'll have completed the first four waves of the quiz, but there's still more to go! When you complete this goal, you'll earn three Zoning Permits and 100 XP.

Record Breaker

  • Ask friends for 15 Headphones

  • Collect from 60's Architecture House or Modern House

  • Upgrade Vinyl Record Shop

Keep a special eye on the wording of this goal: not only will you need to have completed round five of the quiz to receive either the 60's Architecture House or the Modern House, but you'll also need to wait for one of them to generate rent. If you're interested in finishing these goals quickly, you'll want the 60's Architecture House, as you can collect from it every two hours, while the Modern House requires two days. You'll receive 50 XP and 500 Goods for completing this goal.

Movie Magic

  • Ask friends for 15 VHS Tapes

  • Collect from Art House Theater or 3D Mega Plex

  • Upgrade Showbiz TV Studio

Rewards: 100 XP, 50,000 coins

This finishes this goal series, but for the record, there's still one more set of prizes to "choose from" in the friends quiz: the Old Fashioned Main Street or the Modern Main Street. These are incredibly large structures that function similarly to islands in that they contain a business, community building, decorations and a home within them. Good luck finishing these goals off!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these "What Kind of City Are You" goals? Have you already completed some of the levels in the friends' quiz? Do you like the items your friends have caused you to win? Sound off in the comments!