Why RadioShack Has Crashed in 2012

Today, Austin discusses RadioShack's (NYS: RSH) enormous 60% crash thus far this year. Unfortunately for the electronic goods retailer, this could be a long-term problem. In addition to competing in a slowly deteriorating sector, RadioShack recently entered the mobile market. This move will force the company to slash margins, and it does not have the top-line growth to compensate for those losses. Most of all, though, it simply cannot produce a winning model. Companies like Amazon snatch revenue from traditionally profitable areas such as headphones, and razor-thin margins will sink the company. Austin thinks the slide reflects the direction of the company.

Apple's dominating global products are one major cause of RadioShack's margin compression. While these products are a great reason to like this company, valuation and momentum are among the reasons you should BUY Apple. This new in-depth research report from our senior tech analyst outlines Apple's major opportunities and risks on the horizon. Grab a copy and get free quarterly updates.

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