The Ville: Enter the Dream Home of the Week contest for free Ville Cash

Most of Zynga's games on Facebook have some sort of a continuously running weekly contest that allows for fans to show off their decorating skills with the promise of premium currency coming to a lucky player at the end of every round. That same sort of setup has come to Zynga's newest game, the Ville, as a new "Dream Home of the Week" contest is now available to enter once a week, every week for the foreseeable future.

The contest is simple, and asks you to post a picture of your Ville home to the game's official forums. At the end of the week, the winner will be displayed on the game's official fan page for all players to see, and the owner of the winning Dream Home will receive 100 Ville Cash.

With limited edition items releasing fairly steadily already in the Ville, that Ville Cash can go a long way to helping you outfit your home with some of the game's newest, hippest items. Or, you can save the Ville Cash for a rainy day, when a quest is too bothersome to complete and you'd rather just skip its task. Either way, you can't win any Ville Cash if you don't enter, so head over to the game's official forums to learn more or to submit your own home for consideration. Good luck!

What would you do with 100 free Ville Cash? Would you immediately go on a shopping spree, or would you save it for a later date? Sound off in the comments!

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