MapleStory maker Nexon tells The Grinns Tale to Facebook gamers

The Grinns Tale
The Grinns Tale

Want a little more Tim Burton in your social games? That seems to be what MapleStory creator Nexon is getting at with The Grinns Tale, a new Facebook game developed internally at the company's Tokyo studio. This Facebook game focuses on high style, taking players through a fantasy world filled with gothic art and influences in a role-playing adventure.

Players can choose from six fantasy-themed classes for their characters to specialize in while fighting back the evil monsters lurking inside a mysterious tower. The cast of available classes includes ranged archers and magical clerics that can be customized for both male and female avatars. We know, you've heard this story before, but look at those adorable visuals!


After they're done with battling evil baddies, players can build a town of their own in which they can build houses, decorate it with roads and trees and even plant crops to farm later. (Come on, don't act like you didn't see that one coming.) At any rate, Nexon has been on a tear in Facebook games lately with KartRider Dash and most recently Cloudstone, so you'd be remiss not to at least give The Grinns Tale a shot.

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