Temple Run, Fruit Ninja score immortalizing comic book treatment

Temple Run comic book
Temple Run comic book

Hold on to your collection of Fruit Ninja plushies. (Do people have those?) Comic book creator Ape Entertainment has announced that it has comic book series in the works for both Fruit Ninja and Temple Run, the hugely popular mobile games by Halfbrick Studios and Imangi Studios, respectively. You know, because the next thing we think of when we think "mobile games" is "comic books."

This is the very same production studio that crafted the Pocket God and Cut The Rope comic book series, so you know that Ape Entertainment is well-seasoned in taking popular mobile games and fleshing out their stories into comic book runs. (For what that's worth, of course.)

But enough with the jabs. A move like this makes a whole lot of sense for the creators of these two games, especially considering the success that Rovio has seen with the sprawling branding extensions for Angry Birds. But at least Angry Birds and Temple Run have a frame of a story to work with--Fruit Ninja is a game about you slashing fruit. Who's the ninja? We'll find that out soon enough.

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