The real reason why FarmVille for iPhone and iPad was canned

FarmVille iPhone
FarmVille iPhone

It's all your fault. No, really. During a talk at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco this week. Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus revealed the exactly why the original FarmVille game for iOS devices will be no more come Aug. 1. Simply put, you guys and gals didn't like it.

"We spent a huge amount engineering to build a totally synchronous gaming for FarmVille with different clients. Consumers hated us for it," Pincus admitted to VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi. "They wished we would've built them a totally separate FarmVille experience. We've had some successes ... such as Words With Friends."

That might not have been the best example to use, considering Zynga bought that game. But it makes you wonder: Have Zynga's original mobile games been nearly as successful as its acquisitions? Anyway, It's a shame to see FarmVille give way to FarmVille Express on mobile. The synchronous gameplay between the mobile and Facebook versions of the game were truly a marvel to behold. Why "you consumers" didn't like it is beyond me.

[Via Forbes]

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