CityVille: The Toyota Megaplex is three branded businesses in one

While CityVille has received its fair share of branded businesses over the past few months, perhaps none have been as visually impressive as the new Toyota Corolla Megaplex. This building is deceptively simple at first, being available to purchase from the store for just 5,000 coins.

Once you built in your town (it takes just three clicks to build), you'll be able to supply it with 100 Goods and will earn points towards upgrading it to the next level in the process. Once those Goods are spent, you'll receive 500 coins in profit by default. The Toyota Corolla Megaplex has three stages, starting with the initial level that you'll purchase from the store.

By earning 10 upgrade points, you can upgrade the Megaplex to Level 2, adding a Bing cross-promotion to the item. You can earn these points by supplying and collecting from the building, as we said above, or you can also ask your friends to help boost your progress. Once you've earned even more upgrade points, you'll eventually hit Level 3, where music streaming service Pandora is also added to the mix. To be clear, the level 2 Megaplex requires 115 Goods to operate, while the level 3 Megaplex requires 130. This means that you'll end up spending more Goods over time, but you'll be rewarded handsomely.

If you can finish both of these building upgrades within the next 24 days, you'll receive a free "Corolla Roller Coaster," a decorative item for your city. That may seem like a lot of work, but with this building being so outlandish in appearance, we doubt you'll simply forget it's there. Good luck completing these upgrades and earning your free roller coaster at the end!

What do you think of this trio of businesses being combined into one structure? Would you rather they be separate? Sound off in the comments!