Generation Y Cities: 5 Metros Where Millennials Should Move

By Jerry Kronenberg

BOSTON -- With mobile phones, mobile computing, Foursquare and GPS, Generation Y seems like it's always on the move -- but where should its 20- and 30-something members be moving to?

Move Inc., parent company of and other relocation-oriented Web sites, recently assessed dozens of U.S. cities for everything from nightlife to average apartment rents to find five great places for Generation Y to live. Also called millennials because they've come of age since the year 2000, Generation Y is made up of young adults in their 20s and early- to mid-30s.

"We're finding that millennials look at buying homes differently than baby boomers do," Move's Julie Reynolds says. "Where baby boomers look at homes more as investments, millennials see housing as more of a lifestyle option. More millennials are living closer to where they work, closer to the central part of towns and focus on cultural activities and other things to do other than just work."

So Move assessed cities for such things as parks, museums, professional sports teams and other recreational offerings.

The firm also focused on communities with nearby colleges and universities, as many millennials are looking for undergraduate or graduate-study programs.

And since many in Generation Y are just starting out and need jobs and affordable housing, Move found cities with low unemployment rates, modest average rents and affordable median home prices.


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