The Sims Social 'Living the Dream' Quest: Everything you need to know

The Sims Social Living The Dream Quest
The Sims Social Living The Dream Quest

Last week in The Sims Social, your Sim moved on up to The Little Apple where Aunt Tabitha handed over keys to a penthouse apartment. If you completed last week's quest, your Sim in the city was hard at work making upgrades to a master suite complete with a hob tub and walk-in closet. Well, in this week's quest it's time to move over to the kitchen for a full remodel. Here are some tips straight from Playfish for completing this week's five step quest:

Stage 1: Penthouse? Sweet!

  • Have two chairs for your loft

  • Complete the first task of the CuisineMuse Master Kitchen in your loft

  • 'Plump Up Cushions' for Aunt Tabitha

Follow Aunt Tabitha's instructions and your apartment will be ready in no time. If you don't have any chairs to spare you can always click on the Shop and buy some. To plump up the cushions you'll need to click on chairs and then the option. When you've completed the first stage of this quest you'll get a Power Drill (collectible).

Stage 2: Penthouse? Sweet!

  • Have three plants in your new loft

  • Complete the first stage of CuisineMuse Master Kitchen

  • Click on tables and counters then 'Must Be Cleaner!'

Go green! If you need more plants click the Shop then buy plants from the Decoration section. With a little help from your friends you'll be able to complete the entire first stage of your CuisineMuse Master Kitchen. You'll also get Screws (collectible) for completing this part of the quest.

The Sims Social Living The Dream Guide
The Sims Social Living The Dream Guide

Stage 3: Penthouse? Sweet!

  • Complete the second stage of the CuisineMuse Master Kitchen

  • Buy one painting from the shop

  • Dust off four TVs or radios

Remember, with your friends' help you can complete everything much faster - that includes your CuisineMuse Master Kitchen! You'll be rewarded with more Screws (collectible) once you've completed this stage.

Stage 4: Penthouse? Sweet!

  • Visit one Sim to 'Gossip About Someone'

  • 'Gather Gossip'

  • Complete the third stage of your CuisineMuse Master Kitchen

You'll only be able to gossip with a Sim who isn't a stranger, so go on over and start introducing yourself. Helpful hint, you can visit Bella and gossip with her. To gather gossip you can click on computers and then 'Gather Gossip'. Once you've completed this stage, you'll get Steel (collectible).

Stage 5: Penthouse? Sweet!

  • Complete the final stage of your CuisineMuse Master Kitchen

The last stage of the quest is easy enough. All you have to do is complete the CuisineMuse Master Kitchen and not only will you be rewarded with Marble (collectible) but you'll be one step closer to completing your Penthouse and getting a FREE Helicopter! Here are all the collectibles you'll need this week:

The Sims Social Living The Dream guide
The Sims Social Living The Dream guide

For the Simsonic Metropolis ME System:
Goodwill, Nails (3), Amplifier (45), Sound Sample (18), Muse (2), Hammer (3), Wrench (5), Screws (21), Hype (20), Hope (6), Ruler(15), Lightbox (8), Love(3), Culture(9), Power drill(6), Phat beat (6), Chord (8), Groove(4), Entertainment(8), Relaxation(7)

For the CuisineMuse Master Kitchen Project:
Part 1: Nails (3), Solid wood (3), Hammer, Wrench, Paint, Screws (3), Paintbrush, Power drill (2)
Part 2: Hammer (3), Wrench (2), Power drill (5), Nails (3), Screws (9), Steel (7), Charcoal (2)
Part 3: Spoonful of sugar (3), Muse (3), Water Bottle (2), Steel (9), Entertainment (3), Solid wood (14), Marble (8), Screws (6)
Part 4: Marble (31), Steel (13), Screws (8), Power drill (6), Water (7), Solid wood (8), Cloth (8), Soft pillow (6), Fruit (10), Apple (10), Mixing bowl (10)

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