Puzzle Adventures: The way jigsaws should be played on Facebook


The Facebook gaming landscape is a-changin', with more casual games like bubble-popping games, slot machine titles and even card games taking over where in-depth city builders and adventure games left off. The jigsaw puzzle genre is also starting to gather steam on Facebook, both with Konami's Puzzle Chasers and now Ravensburger Digital's Puzzle Adventures offering two very different takes on a seemingly simple game.

In the case of Puzzle Adventures, you're left with what's ultimately basic jigsaw puzzle gameplay, as you'll simply drag and rotate puzzle pieces around a board to complete real-world photographic images, but the game's two modes and plenty of power-ups make this a more exciting experience than it may outwardly appear. In the game's story or adventure mode, you'll complete timed levels with the goal obviously being to complete the puzzle in the shortest time possible. You'll earn points for each puzzle that you successfully complete (but will also lose a point of energy), and will be able to compare your scores with those of your friends.

Helping you complete puzzles faster are a variety of power-ups that can be purchased with coins, the game's premium currency. You can add more time to the puzzle's clock, purchase a magnet that automatically connects some puzzle pieces, or even purchase an auto-rotation button that will rotate all pieces to their appropriate orientation. All of these power-ups are voluntary, but they add to your ability to score big and impress your friends.


There are also bonuses and hazards that appear at random while playing, as infected puzzle pieces need to be placed as quickly as possible before the infection spreads, while bonus tiles can be placed to earn big boosts for you as well. Ultimately, these boosts and challenges keep the gameplay feeling fresh, and even add a bit of frenzy to the experience as you work to activate bonus tiles before they disappear at random.

For those looking for more excitement, the game's weekly tournament allows you to complete a series of seven puzzles to climb another high score leaderboard against your friends. If anything, this mode gives you more puzzles to complete while you wait for your energy to recharge back in the game's basic adventure mode.

Ultimately, Puzzle Adventures may be a fairly basic jigsaw puzzle game, but it's a relaxing experience through and through (with calming music to match). With jigsaw puzzles taking up so much room and time to setup and complete in the real world, this is a much better option for those looking for a quick session in the middle of a busy day.

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