Game of the Day: Spectro Destroyer


Kill monsters with reflecting mirrors in today's Game of the Day, Spectro Destroyer. Point and click to shoot at mirrors at just the right angle, so that your bullet bounces off and vanquishes the evil creatures. But it's not quite that easy. In order for your bullet to work, you have to bounce it off a mirror that is the same color as the monster you are aiming at. After you kill the monster, use the arrow keys to shuffle to the next level.

There are even more ways to gain points as you progress! The more mirrors you bounce your bullet off of, the more points you get. Try to hit two, three, or even four mirrors before finally shooting the monster! Stars might occasionally block your path as well: gobble them up, and you will get even more points. Think you can conquer the monsters? Play Spectro Destroyer today!

Play Spectro Destroyer.

How many monsters can you kill?