Fishing Joy 2 offers a few updates, but is still pretty basic

PunchBox first released Fishing Joy on iPhone and iPad back in the Spring of 2011, with this combination of fishing game and casual shooter allowing you to earn points by firing nets at fish of all shapes and sizes to earn coins. For its simple gameplay, Fishing Joy still had some problems, namely with its English localization. Working to correct these issues is Fishing Joy 2, the sequel to the original which has launched on the App Store this week.

Fishing Joy 2 is available for iPhone and iPad for $0.99, with these apps being truly separate in the App Store (meaning that you'll need to buy them separately to play Fishing Joy 2 on both devices). The graphics have been greatly improved over the original, with more realistic water effects and movements of the variety of fish on screen. Unlike the first game, Fishing Joy 2 has you shooting orbs of light at fish, rather than basic fishing nets, but the overall goal is the same: catch as many fish as possible to earn coins that can be used on ammunition to catch more fish.


You can swap between "bullet" sizes dependent on the kinds of fish you wish to catch, but while that might bring about thoughts of strategy, you'll make just as much progress by randomly tapping in all directions on the screen as you will by actually aiming. To be especially clear, you could easily play the game blindfolded and have the same outcome.

One of the games biggest changes is the ability to gamble coins in a new multiplier. The more coins you gamble per shot, the more coins you could end up winning on the other side, but at the same time, if you happen to miss the dozens of fish swimming across the screen at once, you'll lose even more coins as well.

Ultimately, Fishing Joy 2 offers a few changes from the first game, but other than the greatly appreciated graphical overhaul, there's nothing here that changes the gameplay from being as basic and ultimately mindless as in the first title. This isn't to say that fun can't be had with Fishing Joy 2, but if you weren't impressed by the first game, this sequel probably won't sway your opinion.

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Have you tried Fishing Joy or this new sequel? How do you think the two games compare? Sound off in the comments!

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