FarmVille Fairy Tale Items: Twisting Vine Tree, Rapunzel Unicorn and more

The revival of the Fairy Tale theme in FarmVille continues this week as a second wave of items has launched in the game's store. Like those that came before, these items are new to the game, but will work well with any existing Fairy Tale items you might have saved away in storage. As usual, we're here with a complete look at these newest Fairy Tale items, so you'll be able to plan your shopping ahead of time.


Twisting Vine Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Twisting Vine Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Candle Stick Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Gold Thread Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Rapunzel Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Tin Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Frog Prince Cow - 20 Farm Cash
White-sided Dolphin (Water Only) - 16 Farm Cash
Hermit Crab - 1.5 million coins or 6 Farm Cash


Upside Down House - 20 Farm Cash


Butterfly Topiary - 50,000 coins
Magic Well - 10 Farm Cash
Thumbelina Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Fairy Tale Carriage - 14 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Genie Costume - 5 Farm Cash

If anything, this Fairy Tale theme seems to be one of the most "random" sets of items we've seen combined in some time. The major theme between them is of course make-believe and magic, but there are items here representing so many different stories that there at least should be something for everyone. We'll make sure to let you know if additional Fairy Tale items launch in the game's store, so stay tuned!

What do you think of this second release of new Fairy Tale items in FarmVille? Which fairy tale would you like to see brought to life on our farms? Let us know in the comments!