Don't Fear the Drop -- Now Is the Time to Buy

The following video is part of our "Talking Stocks" series, in which Motley Fool analyst Austin Smith discusses trends across the investing universe.

In today's edition, Austin looks at how the markets fared today. The headlines sure don't look pretty. U.S. stocks matched their longest losing streak so far this year, and could eclipse it tomorrow. Worries about corporate spending, earnings, and a Eurozone collapse, hang over investors. Couple all this with estimates for weakness in the tech space, and it seems like a perfect environment to jump ship -- only it isn't.

Patient investors love days like this, because it gives them the chance to put some more money on the table at cheap valuations. They recognize that they can't predict the whims of Wall Street. When the markets are trading for these prices and sporting favorable dividends, it's the closest thing they'll get to a buy signal.

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