Tiny Wings 2 launches as a free update with Flight School

Last week, we learned that Tiny Wings 2 would soon take fight on iPhone and iPad, allowing us to once again help a tiny bird achieve its goal of flight. What we didn't realize at the time was that Tiny Wings 2 wouldn't be a completely new app, but would rather launch as a free update within the original Tiny Wings app. If you still have Tiny Wings on your favorite iOS device, you can now download the "Version 2.0" update, giving you a brand new gameplay mode and the chance to fly as new birds!

This new mode is called Flight School, and it's a level-based experience, rather than an "endless runner." That is, each level contains a single island to "fly" over, using hills and valleys to gain momentum by tucking your wings in at just the right moment. There are new water pools to slow you down and flowers that can be used as trampolines to gain extra height. Each of these Flight School levels sees you racing against other computer-controlled birds (your siblings) and ends when you reach your mother bird at the end of the stage. You'll receive a score based on your time and will be given a colored fish as a reward, but can also repeat levels if you wish to improve your time. There are 15 of these new levels in all, with the potential for more to be released in the future.


Other updates sees the game now offering iCloud support, allowing you to sync your game between the iPhone and iPad versions of the game, the ability to fly during night-time stages, rather than simply racing the sun, and language support for German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch players.

Perhaps the best thing about Tiny Wings 2 is the fact that it comes via a free app update, rather than requiring the purchase of a completely new app, or even an in-app purchase. This allows you to freely swap between the two gameplay modes as you see fit, giving you endless replay ability with even more variety. If you've yet to purchase Tiny Wings, the game costs $0.99 on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad, but that price is definitely worth it, now more than ever.

Click here to download Tiny Wings (2) on iTunes --->

Have you tried this new Tiny Wings gameplay mode and all of the other changes in Version 2.0? What do you think of the new "Flight School" mode? Let us know in the comments!

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