CityVille: Quiz your friends for new rewards

I hope you still have a lot of active neighbors in CityVille, as a new in-game feature will see you relying solely on their help to complete it. This new event will allow you to "quiz your friends" by posting requests for votes, with each vote giving you a point towards earning a particular prize.

To be specific, this feature has seven different rounds, each of which gives you a chance at winning one of two items. Every few hours, you'll be able to ask your friends for votes, and the first item of each pair to receive four votes will be your prize. In the game's first matchup, you'll be able to ask your friends what they think your "guilty pleasure." If they answer "gossip," you'll earn points towards receiving the Daily News building, while the answer of "shopping" will put points towards the Web Marketing Agency. Both of these items are worth 20 City Cash, so this all comes down to which item you personally want more in your town.

Remember, just as these features play out in FarmVille, you can heavily impact the items you'll receive here by simply asking your friends to vote one way or another on the options you give. Hopefully, your friends will be nice enough to help you out and you can end up with just the items you really care about.

We're working on figuring out the prizes for the rest of this event, along with trying to determine whether or not we'll have a chance to complete these questions a second time to receive the other items. We'll make sure to update this space as we learn more, so stay tuned!

What do you think of this quiz feature in CityVille? Do you trust your in-game friends to answer these questions the way you want them to? Sound off in the comments.