This is what Angry Birds Trilogy will look like on your HDTV

Angry Birds Trilogy
Angry Birds Trilogy

Just yesterday, we learned that not only Angry Birds, but Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio are all headed for Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo3DS in one neat package as Angry Birds Trilogy. Today, we learn what this collection of games will look like in glorious HD and what box you'll need to look for when this bad boy hits store shelves later this year.

To avoid the rare chance of would-be buyers looking this one over, the box is displayed in all bright red with some sparkly effects and none other than the red bird front and center. The level select screen somehow looks prettier than before, though it clearly takes notes from Angry Birds Friends on Facebook in terms of layout.


But we know what you really care about: the graphics. Well, they're about as gorgeous as Angry Birds can get on the big screen: Just look at the subtle lighting effects, the illustrations of spectators in the foreground, the blurry trail left behind the white bird as it soars toward that wooden structure. Stunning visuals notwithstanding, why is this not available for download?

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