Amazon unleashes GameCircle, or Game Center for Kindle Fire [Video]

Amazon GameCircle
Amazon GameCircle

As arcade classic Street Fighter would say: Apple meets a new challenger! Amazon has officially revealed its answer to services like Game Center for iOS, known as GameCircle. Available now for Kindle Fire launching with games such as Temple Run, Triple Town and Doodle Jump, the service offers achievements, leader boards and game progress syncing across devices.

Starting now, Kindle Fire players can earn achievements and see them in real time as they play their game of choice. According to Amazon's announcement, players can also pause the game they're playing, check what achievements still need, um, achieving and return to the game with ease. Of course, the same goes for leader boards. The sync feature automatically saves all of this, plus in-game progress, to the cloud for easy retrieval when a game is deleted and reinstalled or a new device is booted up.

These aren't exactly the "social features" we were expecting when Bloomberg first reported that such a service was in the works, but they're nevertheless necessary in today's connected gaming world. Regardless, Amazon promises that more is in the works for games on Kindle Fire, but will the retail company manage to cobble together something even more social? Give it time, folks. Give it time.

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