The Ville took $10 million, 100 developers and over a year to make

The Ville
The Ville

That's a lot of resources for a Facebook game, wouldn't you say? Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus revealed some interesting stats and figures regarding what exactly went into the social game giant's latest release, The Ville. According to Reuters, the Sims-like Facebook game not only cost Zynga a pretty penny, but an immense amount of resources.

"We invest north of $10 million in a potential franchise game like the Ville," Pincus said during the annual GamesBeat conference in San Francisco, Reuters reports. The Zynga chief made the remark as a point of comparison for what the developer invests in mobile games, which is, Pincus implies, much less.

Later in his talk, Pincus revealed a few other factoids about The Ville's production costs. According to Reuters, Pincus noted that Zynga threw over 100 developers at The Ville and upcoming restaurant simulator ChefVille that worked "well over a year and a half" to launch them.

Many console game creators-gone-Facebook game makers used to peg quick turnaround times and low costs as an advantage that social games held over traditional games. Between this and SimCity Social having been in the cooker for nearly two years, it seems as if that's no longer the case.

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