FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast: Everything you need to know


Earlier this week, we brought you a preview of FarmVIlle's then-upcoming expansion within an expansion: Jade Falls' Forbidden Coast. Now, farmers are being given the chance to dive into this formerly inaccessible portion of their Jade Falls farm for 25 Farm Cash, or around $5 US.

Once you pay up, you'll be shown a market screen offering you a chance to see all of the new goodies that your purchase has unlocked. Luckily, they're all available to purchase with Jade Coins instead of Farm Cash. There are a few decorations, trees and crops available to purchase, but ultimately, whether or not unlocking these nine different items early for $5 is worth it is still up for debate. Here's a lineup of the new goodies:


Chinese Star Anise - 15,000 Jade Coins or 6 Farm Cash
Giant Star Anise Tree - 30,000 Jade Coins or 12 Farm Cash


Druk Dragon - 50,000 Jade Coins or 20 Farm Cash


Stepping Stones - 310 Jade Coins or 1 Farm Cash
Daruma Doll - 400 Jade Coins

On top of these items, you'll also unlock a series of new crops: Green Onion (eight hours), Sesame (one day), Horseradish (12 hours) and Scallops (two days). These crops range in price from 56 Jade Coins to 200 Jade Coins per square, with Scallops being the cheapest while also being a crop that can only be planted in the water.

Outside of these new items in the store, you'll also be able to start collecting building materials to repair the Imperial Shipyard (you know, that ugly dock on the outskirts of your farm?). This works exactly like repairing the Mountain Palace, and we'll have a complete guide on its construction just as soon as we can (update: you can check that out here). Also, one final perk comes as you're given a free "Cute Phoenix" animal in your gift box.

Ultimately, this Forbidden Coast expansion is pretty lackluster and ultimately doesn't seem anywhere near worth the $5 price of admission. If Zynga wanted to make these items special, they could have been given away for free to users that also purchased early access to the Jade Falls farm in the first place. As it stands, making these items cost an additional $5 for all players to unlock early just seems a bit too greedy for our tastes. Unless you're a diehard farmer that can't wait to get your hands on these new items and master these new crops, you're likely better off waiting until these items eventually roll around to everyone for free.

Will you purchase early access to Jade Falls, or will you wait for it to unlock for free to all users? Sound off in the comments!