FarmVille Imperial Shipyard: Everything you need to know

Whether you're ready to pay $5 to jump into FarmVille's Forbidden Coast expansion within the Jade Falls farm or not, we'll all eventually be given access to the new Imperial Shipyard building feature. What was formerly an ugly, abandoned dock on the outskirts of Jade Falls will become interactive, as you can gather building materials to bring the Shipyard back to its former glory.

If you're keeping track, this feature is incredibly similar to all others in expansion farms, from the Winter Wonderland Train Station to the Mountain Palace within Jade Falls proper. You'll need to either pay Farm Cash for these items, or can ask your friends to send them to you. You can also watch out for free items being posted on your friends' walls as they complete this feature within their own game.

For the Imperial Shipyard's first stage, you'll need to collect:

  • 3 Sails

  • 3 Rigging

  • 3 Wood Planks

We expect that these items will remain standard across this entire event, but will be required in larger quantities as we progress all of the way through Level 10. We'll make sure to keep an eye on things, and will let you know if that changes. Stay tuned!

Update: Here's the rundown of required parts for each level. Note, as some levels require different amounts of parts for each, we've labeled them from left to right as they appear in the menu:

Level 1: 3 of each
Level 2: 4, 6, 4
Level 3: 10, 12, 8
Level 4: 14, 18, 10

Will you purchase the $5 Early Access ticket to Jade Falls' Forbidden Coast? Have you already started building your Imperial Shipyard? Sound off in the comments!