FarmVille Charming Vineyard: Everything you need to know


Did you like the Ideal Vacation House feature in FarmVille? How about the Perfect Pet event? I hope you answered yes to both of those questions, as another similar item has launched in the game this week: the Charming Vineyard. This Vineyard will allow you to ask your friends to answer personality questions about you, and you'll be rewarded handsomely along the way.

There are seven stages of construction in this Charming Vineyard event, with each being unlocked every few days (or, you can pay Farm Cash to unlock them all quickly). At the beginning of each stage, you'll be given a general question and must then as your friends for votes. The option that receives four votes first will determine your prize, and will determine how the Charming Vineyard changes visually as you advance through the different stages.

As an example, the first stage sees you asking friends: "Would I rather 'Follow my Nose' or 'Take a Guided Tour'?" Depending on your friends' responses, you could win either a Vintner Gnome or a Valet Gnome. Of course, there's not as much "left to chance" here as it might initially appear, as you can simply ask your friends to vote one way or the other, based on the prize you'd rather receive in your own game. If you have considerate neighbors, they'll acknowledge your request and vote accordingly.

If you don't wind up winning the item you want, you can purchase it with Farm Cash. You should also have a chance to repeat this entire event after it ends, allowing you to gain votes for the other set of prizes, completing your collection. Here's the full lineup of prizes for each round:

Question 1: Vintner Gnome or Valet Gnome
Question 2: White Grape Duck or Red Grape Rabbit
Question 3: Grape Crushing Barrel or Oak Barrel Rack
Question 4: White Cypress Tree or Red Willow Tree
Question 5: Connoisseur Sheep or Gardener Chicken
Question 6: Chateau Stallion or Vineyard Sheep

Once you finish this event, you'll receive a license to grow a particular type of grape, based on the answers that your friends offered. We'll make sure to have a complete guide for how to end up with a particular kind of grape license as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Charming Vineyard event? Have you always ended up with the items you wanted to win in these events, or have friends declined to help you out? Sound off in the comments!