Comedy Central's Indecision tests your political wits on iOS

While politics might be a conversation topic that many folks avoid, Comedy Central's Indecision in a new iPhone and iPad game that wants to pit you against others, even in different political parties, to test how much you know about current and even historical / political facts and events. Luckily, this is just a game, so the only real political "opinion" you'll be able to express is in choosing your party affiliation (Republican, Democratic or Independent).

Comedy Central's Indecision plays via asynchronous multiplayer, as you'll be able to challenge your real world friends through Facebook, virtual friends through Game Center or even random strangers to see who can be the first to win the support of the United States, region by region and state by state. In each round, each player will be asked the same three politically-themed trivia questions, with each correctly answered question rewarding a single voter that you'll be able to place on the map. The winner of a round receives three bonus voters, while the loser of each round receives a single pity voter.


Each state on the US map has been given a point total, referring to how many voters you'll need to use to win the state in the election (yes, two members of the same party can compete against each other), with some requiring as little as two or three, while others might need up to nine, for instance. You'll have access to a series of power-ups giving you more voters along the way, or even boosts that will help you correctly answer questions that you may otherwise fail. These power-ups are purchased using Greenbacks, the game's premium currency, which can be purchased with real money or earned through a variety of in-game tasks.

There are some interesting gameplay elements that round out the experience, like being able to customize a 3D avatar representing your candidate, or even choosing a motto based on famous quotes from years past. Still, no amount of gameplay enhancements is going to change the fact that this is definitely a niche title. Unless you have at least a passing interest in politics, Comedy Central's Indecision will likely wind up being a boring or at least confusing experience. If, however, you spend as much time watching the news as you do playing games, the core mechanics in Indecision are definitely fun and are worth trying out, especially since the game can ultimately be played for free. Just remember to keep your political viewpoints inside the game and your friendships should come out intact on the other end.

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