Angry Birds maker's Alex will (hopefully) amaze you this week [Video]

Amazing Alex
Amazing Alex

Now it's time for the creator of Angry Birds to try something (almost) completely different. Amazing Alex, the next iOS and Android game to come from the Finnish developer, is due out on July 12. The game, made possible through buying the Casey's Contraptions license, focuses more on building things and seeing them work than breaking them down à la Angry Birds.

Rovio made the announcement recently on its Facebook fan page with an updated teaser trailer that finally shows the game in action. Amazing Alex is an unabashed physics puzzler that offers 100 levels to decipher--and there is more than one correct answer to each puzzle--as well as free updates.

But what's most intriguing about Amazing Alex is that players will get to create their own levels and share them with the world using the various objects they come across in the single-player game. By very nature of it being different from Angry Birds, this game is sure to turn heads. Hopefully for Rovio, it's level-sharing hook keeps them turned.

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