Inside Look: Paris in New York (VIDEO)


What's not to love about the French? They've bestowed upon the world Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Louis Vuitton, croissants -- oh, and this: an almost overwhelmingly Gallic apartment that'll make you feel like you're on a Paris idyll (when you're really surrounded by the noisy, bustling streets of Manhattan).

Owned and designed by the charming -- and also overwhelmingly French -- interior designer Jean-Paul Beaujard, this NYC apartment is replete with so many pieces of flawless 19th century French art and antiques that it'll make your head spin. After spending our days shooting psychedelic steampunk lofts and sleek, glass-walled penthouses, this sumptuously elegant Parisian home was like a breath of fresh air. That said, we invite you to pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux and enjoy! We certainly did.

Like what you see? "Paris in New York" can be all yours for $3.2 million. John Tarjavaara of Citi Habitats has the listing.


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