5 Ways To Turn A Temp Position Into A Full-Time Job

make temp job to full time
make temp job to full time

By Donna Fuscaldo

Working a temporary job doesn't have to be a short-term gig. Play your cards right and you can parlay a temp position into a full-time job.

In the current job environment employers are increasingly turning to staffing agencies to test out candidates before bringing them on full time, which bodes well for job seekers considering a temp job. According to Tracey Goldthwaite, vice president of human resources staffing agency Randstad Human Resources, in the first quarter of this year Randstad saw the highest volume of candidates convert into full-time positions. "The economy is improving and organizations need to get their teams up and running quickly," says Goldthwaite. "They are more open to bringing on temp employees rather than go through an extended interview process."

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