Game of the Day: The X-Spot


Click on the screen until you find the hidden object in today's Game of the Day, The X-Spot. As soon as you find the x-spot, the screen changes and the game becomes more complicated. Go from clicking three simple cardboard boxes to trying to get past stone-faced guards carrying spears in your quest to find the x-spot. Even if it seems impossible, keep clicking until you identify the hidden object!

But the game isn't that easy. As you progress to higher and higher levels, you will run into obstacles that prevent you from finding your secret object and beating the game. You may have to find a gun to blast away walls before getting to the actual hidden object, or open door after door to finally get to your destination. Whatever you do, don't give up! X marks the spot, and your goal is always just a few steps beyond your reach. Play X-Spot today!

Play The X-Spot

How many objects can you find?