Funny Bosses Are Better Than Honest Ones, According To Workers' Poll

funny bosses are better
funny bosses are better

An honest, open, respectful boss is nice and all, but employees care more that their manager is a good jokester, according to a new poll. Over a quarter of respondents said the ability to make them chuckle was the best way to create a good boss-employee relationship, and 50 percent more women said this than men.

Twenty-six percent of the 600 employees surveyed by, an agency that helps businesses find office space, said humor was the most critical characteristic for a good boss. That beat out:

  • trust (20 percent).

  • respect (15 percent).

  • patience (13 percent).

  • fairness (10 percent).

  • open communication (9 percent).

  • honesty (7 percent).