Want FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast now? Got 25 Farm Cash?

FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast
FarmVille Jade Falls Forbidden Coast

That's what it will cost you to access the forbidden farmlands of the latest FarmVille expansion, Jade Falls. According to FarmVille Freak, Zynga is charging players interested in diving into the Forbidden Coast--an expansion within the expansion?--a cool 25 Farm Cash, or $5. You know, five bucks, five clams, five full games on your iPhone?

We almost (almost) understand Zynga charging for early access into a full-blown expansion pack worth of content, but a chunk of game within an expansion? Well, for $5 you do get a free gift: an animated, flaming phoenix pet ... thing. Oh, and then there's always the access to new crops, new decorations and animals as well as an imperial shipyard before anyone else. Oh, the price we pay for elite status--literally.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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